The "Giugno Pisano"
The "Giugno Pisano" collects a series of historical and cultural events and initiatives that draw thousands of tourists to Pisa and allow the citizens themselves to "rediscover the history of their Pisa." The most important events are: The Regatta between the Ancient Maritime Republics, which is held every four years on the first Sunday of the month. The evening of June 15 is held "waiting for the Luminara" with a procession of illuminated boats. The Luminaria dedicated to the patron saint, San Ranieri, with the magic of the flames on the Lungarni, is repeated every 16 June. The Palio di San Ranieri, which is held between the four historic districts of Pisa on the day dedicated to San Ranieri, June 17. The Bridge Game, which fights on the Middle Bridge, the evening of the last Saturday of June. Every year the "Giugno Pisano" is enriched with new initiatives in the historical and artistic field (extraordinary openings of museums, monuments and exhibitions), literary (presentations of volumes and public readings of prose or vernacular songs) to live Pisa in all Its nuances.