Spare Time

Living Pisa

The "Relais le Ortensie" welcomes you to Pisa, one of the most beautiful cities of Italy. A centre of art and ancient history, renowned for the many wonderful places to live and visit. Here below some useful information for your stay and our recommendation for your precious spare time.

Useful numbers

Tourist Information Central Station Area; Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, 16 - tel. +39 050 42291,
Tourist Information Airport; Galilei Airport, tel. +39 050 502518,
Tourist protection Office,,
Radio Taxi, tel. +39 050 541600,
CPT Bus Service, tel. +39 800 012773,
Pisamo Parking Information, tel. +39 050 502742,
Police, via Lalli 3, tel. 113
Carabinieri, via Guido da Pisa, tel. 112
Local Police, via Cesare Battisti 71, tel. 050 910811
First Aid, tel. 118

The "Giugno Pisano"

The "Giugno Pisano" collects a series of historical and cultural events and initiatives that draw thousands of tourists to Pisa and allow the citizens themselves to "rediscover the history of their Pisa." The most important events are:

Toulouse-Lautrec Luci e ombre di Montmartre

Toulouse-Lautrec Luci e ombre di Montmartre october 16, 2015 - february 14, 2016 The great exhibition at Palazzo Blu, starting from 16 October 2015, submit to the Italian and international public the remarkable human and artistic adventure

Pisa Internet Festival

Pisa Internet Festival Space for the digital revolution We stand back to survey the scene in its entirety.